It's Our 1st Birthday!!!

It's Our 1st Birthday!!!


It’s our 1st Birthday!!!

One year ago today the first ever Prize Pig daily draw took place! We sent all our friends and relatives the link and waited for the entries to pour in. No one won! Optimistically we had set the first number at a nice round 50 but only 48 people entered!

Since that day we have had nearly 3,000 people sign up to Prize Pig and regularly have 500+ entries every day. For a teeny tiny website working with basically zero advertising budget these numbers blow our mind!

So what’s happened in the 12 months since we launched? Well we realised that we hadn’t thought of everything before we started and added account verification in August. We also started a blog at the same time which we have neglected to update (there’s been a lot going on in Team Prize Pig’s personal life). We added another chance to win for you guys with our monthly draw First of the Month £50. And most importantly we have given away over £4,500 to our 141 winners! FOR FREE!!!

We’ve had a few £100+ winners, a couple of double winners, a few friend winners and many stranger winners (now also friend winners)! So with 1 year in the bag what does the future hold?

Well we hope to add a few things in the next 12 months, keep growing and give away more cash!! But that’s where you guys come in; we need your continued support to keep Prize Pig going. So please tell everyone you know about us (Big Prize Pig karma points if you mention us on the competition blog sites out there!), share our links, retweet our tweets and shout it from the rooftops if you win. There’s still a lot of people out there who think we’re not legitimate or that we’re looking to scam people. All we want to do is be a bit of fun, give people a smile and the opportunity to win cash, no strings attached!

Thank you to those out there who’ve supported us this past 12 months. We really appreciate every person who has spread the word either via word of mouth, our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Anyway that’s enough from us; we’re off to blow out some candles and stuff our faces with cake!

Thanks again, much love to you all and we’re wishing 1 solid year of good luck to everyone!!

The Prize Pig Peeps.x

Published on: June 18, 2019