Our first entry + new prize announcement!!!

Our first entry + new prize announcement!!!


Welcome to the first entry in our news/updates/info page (they tend to be called blogs I think?!)

We thought it would be good to have a platform where we could keep all of you up to date on the latest things going on with Prize Pig so here it is!

First of all we would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has joined the site and entered into the daily draws. We really appreciate the patience, love and support you guys have shown us as we find our feet. We started in mid-June and the response has been fantastic; we’re hoping we can rely on your support over the coming months as we look to get even bigger!

Up until now we’ve only be able to use our Twitter and Facebook pages to get information across to people which is alright for the people who use them but not so good for those who don’t. By having this platform we can let all our users know what’s going on with Prize Pig!

When we have important announcements to make in regards to site modifications, questions from you guys that need addressing or new offers or prizes that we will be giving away, this will be the place where you will get that information.

So to start with we’d like to announce our new prize draw…First of the Month £50!!

The way it works is on the first day of every month we will pick a day from the previous month (at random), we will then pick a person who entered the draw on that day (random again) and that person will win £50!!!

Every time you enter the daily draw you are entering yourself into First of the Month £50!! And if you’re entering every day you will never miss out on a draw! So if you know the daily draw prize has already been won enter anyway, it’s another chance to win First of the Month £50!! So keep an eye on your emails September 1st, £50 could be coming your way!!

Anyway that’s enough to start with. Please feel free to contact us or comment on our facebook posts!

Thanks again, much love to you all and good luck!


The Prize Pig Peeps.x

Published on: August 21, 2018